Social Connection

Lord Somers Camp and Power House’s strategic approach to our programs and activities aims to recognise the whole person across physical, social, emotional, spiritual and mental dimensions, and that opportunities for empowerment and development should be available for everyone.

Our approach also acknowledges that successful youth and community development is not just about the individual participant. Rather it is about connecting with people’s social and physical worlds and our programs increasingly recognise the significance of social connection and contribution to communities.

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Big Camp

The aim of Big Camp is to challenge the perspectives that young people hold about themselves and others. Through introducing 100 young men and 100 young women to a broad range of peers, we help dismantle social barriers through an increased understanding and acceptance of diversity.

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There is so

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In partnership with organisations to deliver nine weekend-programs for various at-risk or vulnerable groups within our community.

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learning programs for personal development, leadership, establishing connections across generations and helping people of all ages feel more connected to our community. These programs also aim to equip people with the skills to become leaders within LSC&PH and the community.

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The uniqueness of our youth programs is they address physical, social, spiritual, emotional and mental development. They also build character, resilience, skills and attitudes of everyone who attends.

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four programs focused on inter-generational connections and continued inclusion of people as they get older. These programs recognise mature-age people as positive contributors and assets of our organisation and the community.

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Strategic Approach

Lord Somers Camp and Power House has developed a Program Quality Framework which guides the design, implementation, and evaluation of our programs. The framework is used to help us rigourously evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and ensures these evaluations are part of a continuous improvement process. Through utilising the framework, we aim to make great programs even better and ensure their ongoing relevance through adaption to changing needs of the society in which we operate.

The LSC&PH Program Quality Framework outlines a hierachy of elements from; Purpose, Principles, Practice and Programs and Activities. Linked closely with the framework are indicators which identify specific measures to determine the effectiveness and quality of a program or activity. Indicators are classified for; Participants; Members, Volunteers and Leaders; and LSC&PH at the overarching organisational level.